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Wrapped Up in Chains

Wrapped Up in Chains - Cindy Sutherland

4 Stars
A "Live Your Life, Buy The Book" Review

What a wonderful, sweet and charming story this was..... don't let the cover or blurb mislead you! It kicks off with a scene in Devon’s BDSM club – and I though “Oh yeah! Now this is what I am talking about!” as Devon strutted onto my kindle :-) unfortunately it was not for a scene of his own, but to break up a scene in the club that had gone too far. A Dom was punishing a sub for some reason, and the guy was out of control – Devon quickly steps in and rescues the sub, Chase, and pretty much as soon as Devon sees Chase – it is game, set and match. He will be his. I love that instant lust. That ownership.

Chase’s story is quite heartbreaking – and I really don’t want to spoiler anything; so I am trying to be vague and yet still tell you something. I actually read the book blind - without reading the blurb, so the events as they were revealed had a big effect on me! In some ways I think blurbs can take away from the the drama of the book. Anyhow ...  Chase is in his early 20’s and ran away from home in his teens because he was terrified of the fallout from him being gay. He soon meets a man, Kingston, in the city – and he takes Chase in. Literally and figuratively. Sadly for Chase, Kingston is not a nice man. And trust me that is a massive understatement. Kingston and Chase are living together in a full on D/s arrangement when Devon rescues Chase in the club; so now Kingston is after Devon to regain his possession i.e. Chase. We soon discover that Devon and Kingston have a bit of history which makes their battle for Chase even more personal.

Devon is just sublime. A perfect Dom , I guess. He wants Chase so much, but is unsure whether Chase was a sub purely because he was bullied into it by Kingston, or whether he is as beautifully and naturally submissive as he seems. He is determined to wait and see what Chase wants and needs once he has fully recovered, and is able to make his own decisions – a tough time for a young guy who has been forced into a situation in his formative years. The choices and plain old life experiences Chase has missed out on while with Kingston will break your heart. When Devon arranges for him to meet his family again I cried. Just a bit. But tears were shed. :-(

While there was a definite BDSM theme to it - it is not why I recommend the story. The romance is what will stay with me - it was beautiful and the connection between Chase and Devon was wonderful, but if it is the BDSM trope that you after then I honestly think this book isn’t edgy enough. The term “sweet boy” was used far too often for my liking; I love terms of endearment but I honestly think authors need to refrain from overusing them. And the BDSM scenes which were hot as HAWT can be just seemed too sweet for some reason – they just weren’t gritty – almost like the MC’s were just going through the motions. In saying that – I really do strongly recommend this book – it was lovely, and if you like some sweet in your BDSM then you will definitely not be disappointed with this read. Go. Buy the Book!