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Last First Kiss

Last First Kiss - Diane  Adams

4.5 Stars
A "Live Your Life, Buy The Book" Review

I don’t read books with kids in them. This book had kids in it.

I don't read books with kids in.... yet....I freaking loved this book!! Ha! Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

Trent is 25 years old, he has a good job – which, he hopes, will lead to a great job. For now he is happy to work in a small town honing his skills as administrator for a small doctor’s practice. But he will move on (when the time is right) to the big job of his dreams - hospital administrator. Trent had no gay role models growing up – he thought that gay guys never did the whole monogamous relationship thing – it was just hook-ups and one night stands. Then he changes – he sees something that makes him rethink his life and his expectations, he wants to love, to be loved, to commit to one person – he wants the whole shebang. The book starts with Trent catching his boyfriend “cheating” on him. Dennis is adamant club sex doesn’t count – Trent disagrees. He dumps him and swears off younger guys – he wants a guy that is older than him, and therefore more prepared to offer him what he wants, what he needs. Soon, on his way to work, fate steps in and while taking a back road he happens to drive by this cute farmer. Gage. Gage is young, really young – but what he brings to the table is more than maturity. He really is the whole package.

Gage is 18 years old, and has 2 sons. His story just about broke my heart. As a mother of 2 teenage kids myself it really hit me how easily their young lives can be changed – their path in life set on a detour that they have no control over. Good or bad. This is what happened to Gage at the age of 14. Yes. FOURTEEN!! He is such a good kid though – he faces the new challenge of what is life now is with a fortitude and courage and honesty that blew me away. Even though he doesn’t love Cara, the mother of the boys, he is determined to do right by her. He knows he is gay but has never been with a guy, not so much as a kiss. Gah!! He was just such a wonderful forthright young man…

“I am going to kiss you…. I am going to touch you…. I don’t want you to leave.”

The attraction between the guys is immediate, and beautiful to read. They are both determined, despite their connection, to remain "just" friends – Gage is so mindful of respecting Cara that nothing can happen between him and Trent. Until it does. And then there really is no turning back, for either of them. But how the heck can they make it work? Cara is still in the mix and Trent's contract is up for renewal - lots going on for these guys :-(

Cara truly was a piece of work - I alternated feeling bad for her and then cursing her for just leaving everything up to Gage. Gage was simply sublime - so strong at such a young age. So committed to doing the right thing. Each chapter opens with a blog post by Gage - I loved the blog posts - they really showcased the range of emotions he went though, and showed his age. Really cute. Trent also stole a bit of my heart. They really were just wonderful together, and this was a truly wonderful feel-good story... despite the editing errors. Words missing, words duplicated - I often had to re read sentences to clarify what the heck was meant! Shocking really. But still, it wasn't enough to detract from a lovely read. Annnnnd please may the next story be about Jax. Pretty please. :-)

Highly recommended. Go. Buy the book!!