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The Dark Collector

The Dark Collector - Vanessa North

4.5 Stars
A "Live Your Life, Buy The Book" Review

What a wonderful little story that was!! Art in itself is so sexy and the power of a muse over his artist is also just delicious!! This gives us all that and more….

Oliver was Jeffrey’s muse. And that is all that Oliver sees himself as. So when Jeffrey dies suddenly Oliver really is at a loss. Despite the amount of time they have been together he has no rights to any of the estate, all he has are a few paintings that Jeffrey had given him over the years. What he really wants is the last piece that Jeffrey had done. A portrait of Oliver. Slut-Slave-Puppy. It has such sentimental value to Oliver that it has him selling everything he has in the hopes that at auction he can buy it. He doesn’t. He is outbid by the Dark Collector.

As it turns out, the Dark Collector has a price – and he is willing to sell the portrait to Oliver in return for a weekend together. Oliver agrees. And so the fun begins :-)

I really loved their time together – is it instalove? No, definitely not. Instalust? Sure. Insta-Kink-Konnection? Oh. Hell. Yeah. And the reason it is believable is because the nature of Jeffrey’s work is art – focussed on BDSM – all manner of paintings and photos depicting various states of restraint, therefore the chances of a collector of said work also being into BDSM are quite high. Of course what we aren’t sure about is – what has the Dark Collector so enamoured with Jeffrey’s work? Is it the art? or is it the muse?

The kink in this is great! There is fisting – for those that like a heads up on these things, and yes – like so often with this particular kink – it is for the fistees wellbeing. To chase all the shadows out with a well placed hand :-) I have no idea if this is what is desired or needed or attained when fisting occurs, but if it is written well (and this scene was) then I follow on and “feel” it. So to speak. :-) I really recommend this book highly – a great quick fix of kinky lovers.