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Loving Jacob

Loving Jacob - Lee Brazil 5 Stars - KAPOW!
A "Live Your Life, Buy The Book" Review

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I absolutely adored this book!! It was a couple of years ago that I read it, and I was curious as to whether it would still have the same KAPOW-factor for me. It did! What surprises me is that there are a couple of things that normally might have put me off – namely cheating, and a big age gap – but it all seemed to work. I have a theory on the why’s, but first a bit about the book …

Malcolm is a hot-shot lawyer, a partner in a big law firm. He is married with a son, and his whole life he has done what was expected of him. Kinda. His dad is a neurosurgeon and that was the route that had been mapped out for Malcolm. He refused, and went his own way by going into law. But that was it, no more fighting his parents on anything – from then on he towed the family line, which meant hiding the fact that he was gay. Him and his wife have an agreement – they are married in name only, they both are pretty much free to do as they choose, but discreetly. (So that takes care of the “cheating” aspect.)

A new tech guy starts at the company and he pushes all Malcolm’s buttons. Jacob is adorable!! He is considerably younger, and in some ways so naïve and almost childish with his wishes for a fairytale prince to sweep him off his feet: but he is also pretty much together. He still lives at home, which on the face of it is sweet – but it is to avoid a massive debt when he completes his degree, which is sensible. But make no mistake – he is no young “dude in distress”! He is quietly determined to have Malcolm. Pursuing him all ninja style. :-) not literally, of course. Cos that would be crazy! He also makes no bones about telling Malcolm just what he wants – love, commitment, life partner – the whole enchilada! Malcolm needs to understand that what they are doing is great. For now. But when this guy comes along and sweeps Jacob off his feet, offering him all that he wants, he’s off! No more “practicing.” :-P

Malcolm is also pretty up front about his expectations of their relationship. His wife and his son come first. Divorce is not an option.But time goes on and the two guys fall more and more for eachother – meaning something has to change. And when it does it is heart breaking. :-( What started off as love in the elevator. Literally. Is now pretty close to a full on commitment – but they both still have this line that they have drawn, and neither guy will back down.

Now for something a wee bit spoilery – I hated Peter (Malcolm’s brother-in-law) for doing what he did – but at the same time, all he did was state the facts. They weren’t going to change until they were forced to. The depths of despair both guys hit after that (although we only see Malcolm’s on page) are heart breaking, and I think this is why the book was such a great one for me – I love reading this kind of angst. Not misunderstandings, or miscommunication but bone deep despair. Not sure what that says about me.. but, still.

I honestly cannot recommend this book highly enough. It is definitely my favourite book by Lee, and I loved the Truth or Dare series – but this book is just deeper! I also just have to say – Cover? Awesome!! and Malcolm’s son Liam? What a star!! loved him to bits! Go. Buy the Book!