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Doggie Bagg'd

Doggie Bagg'd - K.A. Merikan

4 Stars
A "Live Your Life, Buy The Book" Review

Sheesh! The places this writing duo takes me to! I, personally, would not classify this as a Christmas story as such - there are no kisses stolen under the mistletoe or sweetly tendered presents and a pretty, twinkling Christmas tree. What it is though - is another step in the story of Kyle and Dan - and they happen to be going home to Kyles's for Christmas. So yes, in that sense it is a Christmas story :-) but in all honesty the Christmas part has no bearing on the actual story.

I absolutely adore these two guys!! Dan especially, but the two of them together are just wonderful. Kyle is the King of Kink! And Dan gives his little kinkster everything he wants, needs and asks for. Everything. I can't really add much to this review - the blurb pretty well covers everything that happens - but I would say the writers have done a great job with what could be a very tricky storyline. Whilst puppy play is not something I seek to read, the way it has been written was kinda sexy. I liked it. Rainbow Bash'd is still my fave in this set of books - but this is a good addition, and I look forward to more!

This book is stated as being a standalone but I would honestly recommend that you read the three books in order - it really adds to the evolving story of the guys' relationship, and how it is deepening. Have I mentioned how much I love Dan? Probably. :-) But some things are worth repeating!

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