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Switch Hitter

Switch Hitter - Jon Michaelsen, Alex Morgan

3.5 Stars
A "Live Your Life, Buy The Book" Review

Jase Dockery is a major league baseball player, at the top of his game. He should be on top of the world – but in sport you are only as good as your last game, and his was sloppy. He knows what he needs to get back on track, but getting it will be tough. Not only is he hiding his sexuality, but he is also hiding the fact that he likes to be dominated by his lovers. His last attempt at letting off steam almost ended in disaster! So this time he goes to great lengths to maintain anonymity, he signs up with a top end Sex Club and they hook him up with a Dom of his dreams. From the minute they meet it is sizzling!! They both want more … and so did I ;-) But there are some crazy fans out there and one has taken a keen, and totally creepy, interest in our Jase, the word fan is a derivative of fanatic after all. This kinda derailed the whole Cap and Jase show as Daniel took centre stage for a big part of the book.

Now for the tricky part… but I honestly feel that this subject matter needs to be tagged – there is kidnap, and there is rape – and this takes up a lot of the story! And part of that story was just implausible, surely. I know a guy’s dick can have a mind of its own almost – but to “get up and at” it twice under those circumstances – especially after being drugged – just didn’t really add up.

Switch Hitter could have been an incredible book – the premise is so goood! Chapter One totally hooked me, then Chapter Two had me panting for more – but the book as a whole just didn’t fully deliver. The blurb didn’t really give me a hint as to what the book was actually about. I expected more Jase and Cap than I got. (Yes, I am pouting.) What I got was some pretty hard-hitting kidnap and rape – these tropes do not put me off a book; some of my favourite reads this last year have had this as their complete story … but I need to be invested in the characters, and I just wasn’t in this book – so what coulda shoulda ripped my heart out and had me clutching at Kleenex to mop up my tears just didn’t eventuate. In fact I skimmed through large portions of Jase’s ordeal. I am not sure where or why or how it went wrong. My feeling is that the authors tried to fit too much into a relatively short read, and therefore there wasn’t enough time to fully develop the characters. But dammit – it could have been amazing! Amaxing, even!

What I do believe is that one of the most important parts of a story is the idea, the seed from which the story germinates and grows. Without that idea there is nothing. (Obviously) The story telling can be learned; the art of spinning that web is a craft which can be perfected – in this story I saw a potential that had me itching to read more by these authors, so I was super quick to grab “Pretty Boy Dead” by (new to me author) Jon Michaelsen – to see if this book is the next step in a writing journey that could be really exciting!