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Stung - K.A. Merikan

4 Stars
A "Live Your Life, Buy The Book" Review

First up - the cover of this book is amazing! I would put it up there with some of my favourite covers. Ever. It is sweet and enticing, and the story was too!

The world in this book is dystopian London, after the Plague - which I am guessing was Zombies not rats. I haven't read the Zombie series by Merikan so am not sure on all the world building details, but you don't really need to know - this book is billed as being a standalone and it worked as such. It tells the story of Victor and Crunch, and switches POV accordingly. I am curious as to how the writing duo split the writing as, in my opinion, the two POVs had quite a distinctive difference in writing style and therefore "voice". Anyway, on with the review .....

Victor is a posh boy from London, and he made a mistake. A big mistake. He dropped to his knees for the wrong guy - Frey Dal. :-P Now, having "offended" Frey Dal, he has been sent to Honeyhill, a prison camp/farm owned by the Dal family. The prisoners are set to work on the farm - looking after pigs, picking apples in the orchard annnnd looking after the bees in the apiary. Honeyhill and the Dal family are known for their sweet honey. :shiver: (you need to read the book to see how they get that added sweetness!)

Conditions for the prisoners are tough. Really tough. On day one, literally just off the train, Victor makes eye contact with one of the guards that has both guys feeling a connection. Victor thinks it could benefit him if he strikes up a friendship with the guard, but he is here because he made a move on the wrong guy, is he going to misread the signals again?

The guard whose eye Victor caught is called Crunch, and seriously how cool a name is that for a guard? He was an absolute diamond in the rough!! A guy from Bylondon totally outclassed by Victor, and yet what a charmer! He really was adorable! Fully aware that he was batting out of his league, "knowing" Victor just wants protection. Or could there be more? As the blurb alludes to, there is a lot more than meets the eye regarding Crunch and his plans. He begs Victor to stay out of trouble and to trust him, but of course their friendship doesn't go unnoticed and when a fellow guard starts asking questions Victor does what he thinks he has to in order to keep Crunch safe.

This was quite a cute story with two great characters. At times it read like a fairytale to me, which I really liked. Crunch was the beast and Victor the beauty. :-P I steer clear of Zombie books as a rule, but the Zombies were not that big a part to put me off what is really a very sweet story. Yes, I said sweet again. There was a point in the book where a punishment has to be meted out, and for a second I was scared/curious/anxious that the authors were going to take the story into a different direction and add an element of BDSM. And you know what? They probably could have pulled it off!