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Fall Apart

Fall Apart - S.E. Culpepper

4.5 Stars
A "Live Your Life, Buy The Book" Review

I absolutely adored this book - it might even be my new favourite in the series! It had everything - fun and humour, top notch smexy and then it also took you to the dark side, as the title alludes to. I really cried in this book. As always SE Culpepper gives the reader a huge cast of characters that come alive off the page - but this book is different in that it gives us a couple we have never met before. Normally we get to meet the guys (or at least one of them) in a previous book and already form an opinion of them before their book.... think Mark and how many readers hated him! Fall Apart is different - the two MCs, Damon and Alarik, are totally new characters - and they were wonderful! Throughout the book we have their story alternating with a Zane and Mark (from Question Mark) storyline, until the two arcs join together with somewhat of a bang!

Brit boy Alarik's college friend, Mandy, is getting married. He is at the wedding as the non professional photographer. Damon is the best man at the same wedding. The guys meet, obviously, and the attraction is immediate. Damon's ex is there too. He is a dick! Alarik overhears something, puts 2 and 2 together and puts the ex well and truly in his place! *swoon*. There were times that the book read a little bit like a Bronte novel - but I liked that - hence my swooning!! Damon is really attracted to Alarik but is kinda off kilter because of his ex, so he heads home asap - leaving Alarik looking all over for him. Thank goodness our British boy is not to be outdone, and all Bond-like he manages to track Damon down - determined to get his man! I loved the determination of Alarik ♥ plus, ya know... I have a weakness for Brits - so he won me over pretty quick! Damon has his own strengths too - he is a good guy, all American boy-next-door, one of life's givers - generous to a fault almost. The two guys fall into a pretty special and strong relationship really quickly, but it was believable - they both are at a point in their lives where they are ready to settle down. Not settle. They both know that there is something special here. Then they are hit with a double whammy - a past love and a sad loss broke my heart, and these guys apart. :-( Alarik wants to fight for what they had and could have with his Mr Wright ♥ but everyone has a breaking point....

That is all I am saying. You really need to read the book to feel the broad range of emotions SE Culpepper rips out of you - as I said - I laughed, I cried, I swooned. It has everything!