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Coffee Cake

Coffee Cake - Kiterie Aine

3.5 Stars
A "Live Your Life, Buy The Book" Review

I actually really liked this book. A lot!!! So, why the 3.5 stars only? Here is why …. I don’t often mark a book down for being short. I know going into it that is going to be short by it being noted as such on the purchase links, and also by the fact that the location nos / page nos are gonna be low. BUT when a 175 page story then ends at 81% on my kindle …. Well, that then becomes a short, short story.

Even so. Some authors can still capture enough in this now short, short story to have me fully invested in the characters – and Kiterie Aine almost did. Almost. But the ending really was way too rushed, and the subsequent declaration of love was just too much of an overturn of the previous 80% of the short, short story.

It tells the story of Liam – and oh my God but I love these kind of characters. The broken ones, that now live by these “rules” that they have made up to protect their bruised hearts. You know the rules – no kissing, no second dates, no sleepovers – just hook ups … actually that isn’t entirely true. Liam does have sleepovers, but he ends them all with an “I love you” that has the recipient of the declaration running for the hills!! It’s a tried and tested theory that always works. As backup he also gives a wrong phone number. These guys (should they choose to even try) really have no choice but to move along. Liam does not want a boyfriend. Nope. No way. Not ever again. But then, he meets Will, or William, or was it Whitney? Whoever it was – he got under Liam’s skin, and he was determined to stay!

I love, love, LOVED Whit. He was so determined and persistant and the way he got to Liam by using all manner of pet-names just melted me. He tracked Li down to the café he works at and just decided to wear him down until he agreed to go on a date. Liam is horrible to Whit - really nasty! Rudely knocking back all Whit's advances. But he keeps coming back!!  Rock meet hard place, or coffee meet cake!

To be honest – I can’t really say much more - we, the readers, know that eventually the chase will become a hard-fought win, and that is exactly what happens – but the chase is delightful. The characters are fun and sexy and the writing is good! Damn… as I write this I realise just how much fun it was to read, and now I feel churlish penalising it for being too short! But whatever. I have to go with my gut instinct which was “Seriously? It ends now??”

In saying that if you have a couple of hours and you want a sweet and sexy book to read – then pick this one up! But remember it ends really abruptly! Forewarned is forearmed! But foremost? Go. Buy the Book! It is a cute, short, short read!

☆☆ETA the authors site clearly states that the story is 175 pages with additional pages as excerpts from other books. So, my bad. BUT subconsciously when a book ends at 81% it feels short especially when I am engrossed (as I was) and keep checking my progress to gauge how much longer I have☆☆