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An Inch at a Time

An Inch at a Time - Heidi Belleau, Amelia C. Gormley

♥♡5 Stars - KAPOW!♡♥
A "Live Your Life, Buy The Book" Review

I absolutely adored this book!! It is the prequel to “Giving an Inch” and deals with the first time James meets Carson, and how their “tutoring” begins :-) You do not need to read them in order, but it makes for a fun join-the-dots reading journey, so I suggest that you do.

The book is only 62 pages, and the blurb pretty much covers the book – so there isn’t really a lot more I can say, we know James is failing History and that there are rumours of Professor Carson being open to sexual favours.. so James sets out to seduce him. This was so cute. Boy v Man. Really.

Carson (although he hides it very well) sees something in James that really has him wanting to help, so he agrees to a trial session. The sessions go on to help James on so many levels – it helps his focus and that translates well to his learning. But he also learns so much about himself, to the point that getting a few questions wrong has a reward in itself, one he never expected he would like. :-) I loved knowing more about James, learning about his life and his addictive tendencies – his need for direction. Carson really grabbed my attention in Book 1 and in this installment he continues to enthrall me. He ticks so many of my boxes!!

Scottish ✔ Dominant ✔ Caring ✔ Sexy ✔

I ended Book 1 hoping that James and Carson would pick up again (not that I had anything against Satish) but something about this duo just really connected with me. When I saw that this was a prequel I was disappointed and excited at the same time – but now, having read it, I cannot wait for Book #3 and hope that it will be a continuation of “Giving an Inch” and shows Carson now wanting to make things between him and James carry on, and move up a level. A girl can hope, right? Either way – if there is another book (please, please, please, please!) I will definitely be buying it!!

I know a lot of readers have this weird idea that short stories cannot get 5 star ratings. I am not one of those readers. If a story connects with me, and this one definitely did, then I have no qualms in giving it the full monty! KAPOW, baby! Go. Buy the Book! It is great!!