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Rainbow Bash'd

Rainbow Bash'd - K.A. Merikan

♥♡5 Stars - KAPOW!♡♥
A "Live Your Life, Buy The Book" Review

Clown'd was the first book I read by this writing duo, and I liked it! I like them! Their stories are fun, funny, often charming and deliciously naughty! Downright sexy is a given! Rainbow Bash'd is no exception. It is the prequel to Clown'd and it deals with how Kyle met Dan. You do not have to read the books in order, but I love how your meeting of these guys in Book 1 is (obviously) fleshed out more in this installment - feelings and perceptions are compounded. I liked Dan before. Now? I bloody adore him!!

Kyle portrays himself as this perfectly good little gay boy - totally sanitized. He is President of the LGBT body at College and runs it as he lives his life... meet Dr.Proper. Having read Clown'd (and the blurb) you know that this is a facade - he hides all his desires and kinks, to the point of not even having a boyfriend... enter Dan, and hello Mr.Slut :-D


When Dan changes to this school and joins the LGBT group he meets Kyle, and the connection between them is instant and powerful. The walking home and goodnight kiss after the meeting was adorable! Doubly so! :-P  This is one of the things I love about Merikan, they can have such cute charm and then such a sexy, down and dirty BDSM scene.


Once Dan and Kyle meet, and talk, and walk, and kiss the next step is inevitable, and it is HAWT! I want to say right now (again!) - I fricking adore Dan! In Clown'd you see how caring he is - the perfect Dom - and again in this book he gives Kyle exactly what he wants. Rough. Tough. Hard. Sexy. But he is never unaware of the state that Kyle is in, and would stop immediately if needed. The scene at the end of the book (okay, the last half of the book) is intense. I have never got the whole boot licking thing, but damn! It worked! And then some! Then the loving, nurturing, post scene care was beautiful. Yes, I am a sap.


I also really like Kyle. His desperate need to not be judged and looked down upon (no pun intended) is quite sad, and understandable. I get how he wants to hide that part of him. It is funny too - his worry about the Pride March and the proximity of the BDSM marchers had me giggling - you need to read it to see what I mean :-) I really hope we get more of these guys! If you like heavy hitting BDSM between a couple that just totally get eachother, then you will love this one! Go. Buy the Book!