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Full Moon Lockdown

Full Moon Lockdown - Jackie Nacht

3.5 Stars
A "Live Your Life, Buy The Book" Review

This was a very light and super sweet romantic story about shifters. Peyton and Colin are orphans, and one night a hellhound attack on their pack leaves them having to stay at Moon Compound, for treatment to their wounds.

Colin is terrified about going to Moon Compound. All shifters have to stay there until they can control their shift without being a danger to themselves and anybody else. (This , I think is actually a pretty cool twist for a shifter book!) Colin knows this. And dreads it. And now, here he is, having to go there earlier than expected. On the very first night there, on arrival in fact, Sloan sees Colin. Colin senses Sloan. Done deal. These two shifters are meant for eachother.

Sloan was quite an interesting character – he has been at Moon Compound for about 3 years, finding it impossible to control his inner wolf – his changes leaving him bruised and battered. While his and Colin’s attraction was very sweet (the good combo of an Alpha with an Omega) and the whole “fate-mate” thing which can be very sexy, but for some reason these guys just lacked that extra bite.

I actually quite like the world created in this book, I love prison stories – and, in effect, that is just what Moon Compound is. I also love shifter stories when an Alpha goes all possessive! So I should have loved this story. It read too much like a YA for me, maybe. But there is sex, so it isn’t YA. I just felt I was in a blend of Twilight and Vampire Academy – not a bad thing for all (and there are loads) of the readers out there who love these kind of sweet, instalove stories. Me? I like my wolves snarlier!! Bring on the hellhounds, baby!