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Guarded Desires

Guarded Desires - Lexxie Couper

4 Stars
A "Live Your Life, Buy The Book" Review

Oh wow! That was HAWT!! Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner have nothing on these guys! Chris is a TV star and Hollywood heart-throb, twice voted Sexiest man alive. He is in Australia as part of a promo tour for his action movie and needs a bodyguard. Enter local boy, Liev Reynolds. The sexual chemistry between these two guys is off the charts from word go! Smoking hot!!

Liev is bisexual. Chris is totally heterosexual. Totally…… at least he was. But damn! Liev is effecting him in ways that no man has ever before. When they eventually hook up, and it is no big spoiler by saying they do, it is dynamite! Throughout the book Liev is just the perfect bodyguard, so protective in every way – he is desperate to not ruin Chris’s career even if it means sacrificing his own happiness. Chris on the other hand is so open to change – he quickly accepts that Liev completes him, the missing piece he never even knew was missing. And the breath of fresh air in this book was there is no misunderstanding – just one persistent actor and one immovable bodyguard – something’s gotta give!

This is the third book of a series, and it is the only one I have read – the previous ones are het, nuff said. :-P While I followed the story fine I did feel some things would have been better understood if I had read the previous book. No big deal though, just little things like wanting more details about Chris’s parents and sister – but definitely not enough missing info that I felt lost.

One thing that had me slightly confused/miffed was the role of Chris’s PA – Bethany. She was the epitome of professionalism and took no nonsense from Mr.Huntley (she won’t use Chris’s first name), but both guys kept thinking how hot she was – and I kept thinking “oh crap! Here we go..” You see, I need to know if there will be m/f/m in my m/m books and I kept double checking the tags. Relax (those that have a similar stance on m/m) it is purely m/m and Bethany, for some reason, wants to play matchmaker. It is her method that had me scratching my head. It was gratuitous and just seemed so out of character. Just a tiny niggle though, in a book that I really enjoyed.

The story is fun! It’s a little bit cheesy, quite angsty and hot as hell! If you like that in a story (and really, who doesn’t?) then this story is perfect for you! Go. Buy the book!