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Grey's Hidden Fire

Grey's Hidden Fire - Draven St. James

4 Stars
A "Live Your Life, Buy The Book" Review

Wow! That was a super cute, super hot little read! It is insta-love, so if that isn’t your thing then you may not enjoy it. Normally I am not a fan – I tend to find it cheesy, but it worked for me with these guys… maybe I am just a sucker for firemen ;-)

Mica Cruz has transferred to a new firehouse – and his reputation has preceded him. He is supposedly gay. One of his new co-workers seems to have a major problem with this. Grey is the cook and, while looking for Mica to tell him grub’s up, he interrupts a sexy shower scene. Damn, but I love shower scenes! anyway… this leads to a cat being let out the bag, so to speak. Grey now knows for sure that Mica is gay. (You need to read the book to see how my 2+2=5!) So when some hate mail starts up Mica has no idea who it could be – Grey is the only person who knows for sure, but surely it can’t be him. Not after …..

Grey isn’t gay. Sure, he had an “encounter” years ago with an old football team-mate, Tom – but that had left him bloodied and confused, and fiercely determined to stick to women. And he had no problem with that. But when Mica transferred to his firehouse his reaction to the man took his breath away. It was so cute how he embarked on a Mica-test by going to a gay bar and watching gay porn, all to see what is reaction would be… which was nothing. No reaction at all. Mica was it.

The identity of the bad guy/homophobic idiot was no huge surprise; although I had been mentally weighing up a couple of other candidates too. That being said, most of the team of firefighters were just great – and full of surprises! Mica certainly settled in really quickly, feeling a camaraderie with his new team that he had never shared at his previous firehouse. But he wanted to enjoy it without hiding who is really was. Grey made Mica feel that he deserved a full life – while he wasn’t in the closet, per se, he certainly closed himself off from a lot of things – he didn’t have many friends as he was scared they may inadvertently out him. In just a few days Mica’s whole outlook changed – he wanted Grey, and he wanted more, he wanted everything. That meant coming out at work – and by taking control you diminish the control others have over you, so if everyone knew he was gay then the threatening letters he had been receiving carried no weight. But nothing in fiction is ever so easy, events take a turn that force a quicker reveal than Mica or Grey could have ever foreseen.

I really liked the book! And I hope that maybe some of the other guys get a story. I love nothing more than a series of books with interconnecting characters. Go. Buy the Book!