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Winter - Josh Lanyon

☆º★5 Stars - KAPOW!★º☆
A "Live your Life, Buy the Book" review
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It is no big secret that I love pretty much everything Josh writes. He has this way of reeling me in, and keeping me enthralled until the end. I love Coldplay – but they sometimes take criticism for sounding the same. I don’t care. Sure, they have a signature sound – but it is a sound I love! In some ways Josh’s books are the same – he has a signature voice and, to be honest, some of his characters have similar traits but after 50 plus books it is only obvious that there will be a common thread somewhere – he obviously writes characters he loves and identifies with and again .. I. Don’t. Care. He is the Brandmeister! :-) In fact I embrace it. Give me a Tucker or a Perry in every book! I love his characters, I love his mysteries, I love his quirky sense of humour. I. Loved. This. Story!! I sunk into it like it was my favourite armchair! And so to the reviewy bit ….

It is ten months since Flynn’s best friend and partner, Alan, died suddenly. He is not coping at all. He needs a break, maybe a change of scenery – and to get away from his parents and everyone who knew the old Flynn, the happy, funny Flynn – the Flynn before his life was ruined. So he goes to stay in his late, Great Uncle Winston’s house and begins the laborious process of cataloguing all the items from his Uncle’s museum. Included in the inventory is a mirror, which, as “luck” would have it, is in his rooms at the house he is sharing with current tenant, Kirk Murdoch.

24 year old Flynn has never lived alone before – he has either lived at home, with his parents, or with Alan – the first time living on your own can be scary! Factor in the mirror and the weird stuff that starts to happen with it, as well as the fact that he isn’t sleeping, isn’t eating, isn’t listening to the doctor and taking his meds, clinging to memories of Alan as if his life depended on it – he is an emotional wreck, so close to breaking point. And he really broke my heart. I was right there with him, feeling his pain – feeling like you cannot carry on when you lose someone who was your life. Such powerful writing. Anyway… one night things really come to a head, and a hand, and a whole freaking body in a mirror!! So he runs for help from the only one there, Kirk Murdoch, Mr 404A. :-)

Kirk is 39, ex military and now a writer, he is used to a quiet house. Since Flynn has moved in his quiet life has been disrupted, all the pacing he hears Flynn doing in the room above keeps him awake – but things are upped a notch now, when Flynn needs his help. He agrees, and so their quest begins – to find the who’s, the what’s, the how’s – everything about that mirror! Given that this is a mystery I can’t really tell you much more without ruining it – what I can say is this : writing spooky stuff must be really difficult, it can read as a camp Scooby Doo episode – Josh, however, has done a great job of creating a goosebump inducing tale! The story behind the mirror is incredibly sad, I had chills as the story of Ines unfolds. Heartbreaking. And as for Kirk …. well… his story is just beginning! But I can tell that he is going to be a keeper! I really hope we get an alternating POV in these books, as I am itching to get inside his head!

This book, for me, felt like coming home. The style, the content, the cover – everything just worked beautifully! Coupled with the fact that I am in the middle of a Supernatural DVD marathon – well, it all just clicked! Like kreepy kismet :-P Go! Buy the Book! You will love it!!

ETA I also loved the Stephen and Mark crossover!! Very cool!