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Out of Options

Out of Options - Naomi Brooks, Angelia Sparrow

3 Stars

This is hard to review. The writing was fine. The premise was interesting. But neither guy appealed to me or seemed believable. I know it was a short story and it is hard to be invested in characters that you barely meet. But still. For me it just didn't click.

Connor works in a call center trying to get people to agree to have a vacuum cleaner demo. He struggles to make ends meet and to supplement his earnings he moonlights as a rent boy once in a while. This is how he meets Jarrett.

Jarrett seems really nice. They both like kissing. They both say no to kink. They are both liars. Up until now I was liking what I was reading. Then Connor finds himself in dire straits and calls Jarrett to ask for help.

Jarrett had offered, let's be clear on that. And when called upon he is more than happy to help, even giving a hand with Connor's job hunt. He offers to support Connor for 3 months. Even draws up a contract. Read. The. Bloody. Small print! !

This is the point that I lost the thread. Jarrett's character completely changed. Like a shark sensing blood - he spotted a sub-spark in Connor and that was that. Connor was a goner.

For me it wasn't just a case of some of the scene being against Connor's wishes - even being denied a safeword. There was just no respect for Connor. From the point when Jarrett is so condescending about Connor ever being able to get a job, based on the skills Jarrett saw. From that point on I checked out. I love D/s books. But I need to see mutual respect. Or else all I see is a bully :-(