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Sinner's Gin

Sinner's Gin - Rhys Ford 4 Stars

Sinner’s Gin was a Christmas present — a wonderful gem of a gift. It is the first novel in a new four-part series by Rhys Ford (author of The Cole McGinnis Mysteries) and there are several things in this book that speak to me: mystery, a hot rocker guy, a hot cop guy and suspense. Oh yeah, Miki and Kane won me over completely and they are smokin’.

Sexy Meiko “Miki” St. John is living the glamorous rocker lifestyle with his band, Sinner’s Gin, on the night they receive the music industry’s highest award. The band is celebrating their stardom when their limousine is broadsided. In that grinding car crash, Miki loses everything — his family of band mates, his future and himself. Injured and overwhelmed by pain, the sole survivor is drinking away his memories, keeping company with the only pal he tolerates: a thieving terrier that hangs with him and won’t go away.

Kane Morgan — the Irish police inspector who comes from a family of cops and lives next door — follows the thieving pooch to Miki’s door one afternoon in search of pilfered goods from his woodworking studio. Kane recognizes the enigmatic, stunning “beautiful man” from posters on his younger sister’s walls and Dude becomes a match-making mutt. Hey, this works.

The two men find themselves thrown together a few days later when the man who sexually abused Miki when he was a boy is murdered and his body is dumped in the singer’s GTO just outside the warehouse. Kane and his partner, Sanchez, investigate Miki as the primary suspect. In time, circumstances point to Miki being a target in the horrifying murders....

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