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What It's Worth

What It's Worth - Gryvon 4 Stars

I really enjoyed this short story. It had enough in its 25 pages to both surprise me, engage me and leave me wanting me more!!

Ian Richards is an absolute misery - yet everyone seems to like him, they all want to talk to him, and they all call him "darling" or "honey" - it sucks! Everything sucks! He doesn't understand why people read his stories - because he thinks they suck. He has seriously low self esteem. He is just plain miserable!

His current assignment is to write a piece on Immigration and the effects on the families, so when his agent asks him to go to Chicago on a book signing gig it seems the perfect opportunity to interview Lorenzo Guillermo De Bello while he is there. Lorenzo, however, suggests that Ian go and chat to his grandson Vincenzo rather, at a club. It turns out to be a BDSM club and this is where things get interesting.

We learn just how far this world is from Ian's comfort zone, and yet how quickly and easily he complies to the directions of Vincenzo, albeit with a little "chemical coercion". I guess the whole book is geared up for this scene and it doesn't disappoint. Gryvon certainly knows how to write really good, hard core sex. This is my first, but definitely not my last, story of hers!

The aftermath of the scene wraps the book up pretty quickly - Ian has come out the other side a nicer guy. Maybe not nicer, but definitely more approachable. I would love more of these guys - I need to know how/if/when Ian and Vincenzo meet up again.

Highly recommended. Go. Buy the Book!