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Hell and Beyond

Hell and Beyond - Kol Anderson

4.5 Stars
A "Live Your Life, Buy The Book" Review

Phew! This installment was brutal! I must admit there were parts of Aaron’s “training” that I had to skim over. If only it were that simple for Aaron…

Some time has passed, Aaron has been held for about 10 weeks now and on the outside Eric and Sebastian are trying to fix their marriage. Sadly for Eric it seems that Sebastian needs some help, of the alcoholic variety, to get him in the mood. Not that I doubt he still genuinely cares for Eric, but his mind is definitely on Aaron and his whereabouts. They are still trying to find him – somehow, that’s not working out very well for Aaron at the minute :-(

The “training” regime has stepped up a gear and it is really quite hard to read in parts. Vincent is the king of preparation it would seem and he is making sure that Aaron is up for anything this prospective Client might throw at him. There is definitely a connection forming between these two now; and I too find myself hanging on for the end where Vince soothes Aaron (and me, apparently :-P ). I am torn between enjoying the fact that Aaron is giving in to his submissive side, and feeling that it is only because of what he is being subjected to by Vince. Clever training I guess. Whether it is possible, I wouldn’t know – and I would love for somebody that lives the lifstyle to read this and comment on it.

Again it is hard to say too much more without spoiling what does happen. We get to meet Carson, Vincent’s boss, and there is a scene at the end where Carson demands that Aaron be punished. Horribly so. The worst yet, and I am glad there was some of it off page. Then something happens that had my eyebrows shooting right up …. it appears that Aaron’s salvation may be coming from the most unlikely person. I’m not sure how I feel about that. What I do know, though, is that the next installment cannot come soon enough! Still totally hooked on this serial!