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Attachment Strings

Attachment Strings - Chris T. Kat 4 Stars

Usually it’s a challenge finding something to read coming down from an-extraordinary-book high. It’s even worse when the reader is nearing the end of a series and has to put the final instalment aside to read something else. I was afraid Attachment Strings was going to fall victim to this common condition, afraid that no matter how hard I tried, it was going loose out to the epic story and larger-than-life characters I’ve had playing havoc in my head for weeks. I was a few pages in and realized my fear was unfounded. There was nothing to worry about. I was hooked. Surprisingly, I didn’t once long for the rival book. I also didn’t get a darn thing done all day, not until I was finished reading Chris T. Kat’s newest arrival.

Jeff and Trenkins work great together as a team. They’re abrasive, crude, arrogant cops with a ‘mine’s bigger than yours’ attitude that made me laugh out loud. I especially loved the way they blustered and bullshited each other. The investigation itself was a bit disappointing. Nothing comes of the homicide at the beginning of the story, unless there’s a connection that I missed by a mile. I’m a sucker for cops questioning suspects and victims, I like trying to figure out the whodunit before anyone else, but sadly, it was a no-brainer figuring out who was murdering the children....

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