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Bully for You

Bully for You - Catt Ford 4 Stars

I absolutely adored Catt Ford's Bullheaded, so I jumped at the chance to read “Bully for You.” It's the story of a femme young man, Martin, who is no longer at his youngest and perkiest. He convinces his friends to go to the rodeo. They are all gay and live in Washington DC. The rodeo is not their usual thing. At all. After speaking to a very nice older lady during the event they decide to go to a local bar the riders frequent. Martin's friends don't go inside with him. They don't think it's entirely safe for three somewhat flamboyantly gay men to mosey into a bar full of bull riders. Unsurprisingly, given his in your face personality, Martin almost ends up in a fight with a very drunk and homophobic young rider. He's saved, and makes his way to the bar and meets Jesse. After an introductory drink they make their way to Jesse's hotel room. The sex is amazing. More amazingly Jesse doesn't seem to have any regrets. Martin is stunned and instantly enamored.

Martin pines for Jesse. His friends are shocked. Shocked! He finally gets brave enough to go to another rodeo to see Jesse. They meet up in Toledo and have a magical time. They do see there are some major differences in their lives, but they enjoy the whole weekend they're together. Martin and Jesse plan to see each other again at Jesse's ranch. Martin drives out. He has the whole drive to begin doubting himself. When they're together the sex is spectacular. Unfortunately, Martin being at Jesse's ranch really drives home all the ways the guys are different. It culminates in a disastrous horseback ride. Well the ride is okay, it's getting on the horse that's the problem. Both guys are upset and have to find their feet again before they figure out if they want to try and make a relationship work for the long haul.

This was a classic opposites attract story. Honestly, I didn't really feel there was a whole lot more to it than that. Maybe that's a little unfair. Both guys were reaching a point in their life when they wanted to look at settling down. Their heydays were almost over. Also, there was the part of the story that showed their similarities. Martin's risk taking took place at work where he was a financial advisor. That was also where he played down his sexuality, just as Jesse did while he was on the job. This story was heartwarming and very charming. Unfortunately I was able to put it down despite liking it. I feel a bit silly for complaining it was great but not stellar, but that's how I feel. It's certainly worth a read on a lazy weekend afternoon.