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A Fighting Chance

A Fighting Chance - Laylah Hunter 4 Stars

"A Fighting Chance" by Laylah Hunter is set in a futuristic Earth where only those who cannot afford to move to the colonies are left to struggle with the pollution, rolling blackouts and food shortages. Luis is a boxer. It is something he is good at and he hopes it will earn him enough to eventually be able to leave for the colonies. Davey is an artist and Luis’ lover. Davey is offered a job on Luna Minor but is told he has to pay his own way there. This offer is pivotal in both their lives.

This story is dark and filled with a sense of despair, living in a place where opportunities are limited and the chance of making a better life for oneself are even more so. The passion shared between Luis and Davey is the spark of light in this story. Luis is a strong character and I enjoyed hearing his thoughts while fighting. The decision he makes illustrates the desperation of living in this place but also of the feelings he has for Davey.
I enjoyed this short story, even with the dystopian setting there was hope.