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Finding Master Right

Finding Master Right - L.A. Witt

4 Stars

When I saw the cover and read the title I had to have this book – factor in Riptide and LA Witt, and yeah, it was mine!

Chase has just come out of a bad relationship. He never fully understood what went wrong with him and his collared sub, Ian – but the ending was sad and ugly, that much we learn. His close friend and fellow Dungeon member, Derek, was there for him after the break up, sharing in the Ian-hate. Chase is a Dom, Derek is a sub, and while they never play together they do watch eachother’s backs. And fronts. Okay, they watch eachother. A lot. Now that Chase and Ian aren’t together he could do with a room mate at a leather con he is going to. Derek has always wanted to go, and by rooming with Chase it makes it cheaper so he can afford to go. Dom+sub+leather+shared room..yeah, my mind went there too! But neither of them wants to ruin a friendship by muddying the waters – so one night pre trip of vanilla sex is safe, right? Riiiight!

Derek is a total pain slut. He hasn’t been in a full-on D/s relationship for a while and is really looking forward to this leather con. He is up for playing with anyone, anywhere, anyhow! But he soon finds that any port in a storm is fine so long as you have that one anchor, should you need it. The guy that makes you feel safe. Yep, Chase. Their connection was sweet and sexy and I really loved their story – but… I would not pin this as being a BDSM story. Yes there is leather and bondage and some seriously hot D/s scenes, but it just read as a contemporary romance that happened to be at a leather convention and the protags happened to be a Dom and a sub. It just didn’t have that grit, that powerful “something” that a true BDSM book has. Not to say I didn’t like it – because I did! There were some really funny lines too! The room with 2 queens? LOL! I actually would love to read more of these guys – or even a spin off for Ian or Master Raul, even Bryan and his Daddy – the whole cast of characters was great!

If you like your books to be romantic with a (sp)lash of kink then .. Go. Buy the Book! This one won’t disappoint!