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Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather - Nicole Kimberling 5 Stars - KAPOW!
We were very lucky to get an advance copy! It was AWESOME!!

Blurb : Peter Fontaine just wants to get married. He’s got a willing man, a house, a cat and the official permission of the State of Washington. Everything should be peachy, but weddings mean guests and guests bring the magic of friends and family—the enthusiastic, the vengeful and the weird.

But figuring out a seating chart that won’t result in homicide isn’t Peter’s only problem. He’s a reporter and reporters need stories. Fortunately Peter has one.

When he finds a dead, dismembered bald eagle near his home, he’s on the case. As guests converge upon his home, Peter searches the county for the person responsible.

Review : I love this series! When I found out I’d get to review the book I excitedly told my husband all about it! He gave me one of those very indulgent and patient looks. Whatever. But, this book did not disappoint. It has all the same slightly campy humor and wit found throughout the series. Peter and Nick get involved in ridiculous antics that “could” happen to anyone. Sort of. They also grapple with realistic relationship dramas and have to feel their way through both the ridiculous and realistic together. I was both charmed and entertained with some laugh out loud moments thrown into the mix....

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