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Boy Crucified

Boy Crucified - Jerome Wilde 3.5 Stars

Thomas Noel (like the Christmas carol) is approaching forty, an avowed Buddhist, survivor of childhood abuse at the hands of his mentally unstable addict mother, homicide detective and ex-Catholic priest. Ever since his partner, Billy, dies five years previously, he's lived and, preferably, worked alone. Until, that is, he's landed with a new case and a new partner. Daniel Qo is in his late twenties, freshly minted degree having just graduated top of his class with a PhD in criminology and, at his request, newly partnered with the 'famous Lieutenant Thomas Noel' for his first assignment. Daniel has an immediate attraction to the older Thomas and isn't shy about letting his 'trailblazing' partner know it. While Thomas is unashamedly out at work and comfortable with his sexuality, he is a little more reticent to act on the attraction he also felt. But when Daniel insists on looking after him when he gets stabbed in the arm with a dirty syringe after an intense run in with his mother, who was just released from yet another stint in jail, Thomas gives in to both Daniel's advances and his own attraction to the man....

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