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Weight of a Gun II

Weight of a Gun II - Gryvon, Scarlet Blackwell, Cornelia Grey, S.L. Armstrong 3.5 Stars

The Inquisitor, by Gryvon

I am so happy I got more from these guys! This is a continuation of the “The Machinist” in the first book of this Anthology. There has to be more coming with the way this one ended damn it! I’m loving the guys together. The plot just thickened. Who saw that coming? Not me! The sex is super hot. Rough and bordering on violent but they both love it. Avery is content and falling for Harrow. Harrow is absolutely falling for Avery even if it’s the last thing he wants to admit. I’m looking forward to Harrow going to get his man. It should be interesting watching him squirm with weighing his feelings for Avery versus what he will have to do to get him back. Bring on the next one!

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