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Hobbled - John Inman 4 Stars

In John Inman’s Hobbled, we meet Danny Shay, eighteen years old with a broken leg and a run in with the law. He had issues with his employer and ended up with an ankle bracelet and under house arrest for six weeks, but for Danny this isn’t the worst part. Danny had planned on coming out to his Dad that he is gay and had big plans to lose his virginity. It looks like this will just have to wait. Danny’s father has to leave on a business trip for three weeks so Danny must figure out how to spend his time and not get into any more trouble. One of the ways Danny occupies his time is to watch the neighbors from his upstairs bedroom window with binoculars. Although there isn’t much going on in the neighborhood, Danny’s sexy neighbor, Mr. Childers gives him something to think about while he, well he is a horny eighteen year old, I will let you fill in the rest. In the mean time, there are reports of young men found murdered in the San Diego area. Danny doesn’t really pay much attention to this, how could it pertain to him, he can’t even leave the house.

Things are pretty uneventful until one night when he is awakened by sounds next door....

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