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A Good Name for a Hero

A Good Name for a Hero - D.E. Elledge 3 Stars

Hate mail. The coward’s way of expressing himself. That’s what Tyler Blackburn thinks. Ty dismisses the first two letters he receives, pitching them in the garbage where they belong. But when the third one arrives, threatening death, he calls on his friend Ric Michaels, a detective with the local police, to investigate. There are a couple of likely culprits, but without forensic evidence or proof, there isn’t much the police can do for Ty.

Ty’s a businessman, owner of a charter boat, the Lucky Moon. He suspect’s the poison-pen letters might have something to do with a rival’s offer to buy him out, but he doesn’t give much more thought to his concerns once he sets eyes on the new guy he’s just hired as his assistant. Tall, blonde – the kid claims he’s 22 but Cody Masterson looks years younger. It’s lust at first sight for Ty....

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