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Prize Package

Prize Package - Kyle Adams 4 Stars

I really enjoyed this story! It was fun, funny and sexy! Just what a short story should be.

Jason is a competition junkie! He enters every competition going! Surely he will win something one day, and much like your ship coming in when you're at the airport ... when he does win, he wins a prize that he can't even remember entering in for, and he then discovers that the Meatgrinder he has won is not a kitchen appliance either - but a pro Wrestler. Well, a day with the Meatgrinder, not the actual guy. Jason, however, knew the guy before his stage name kicked in, so he is quite excited to see him again after all these years.

I found Trent, the Meatgrinder, quite charming. He certainly didn't take himself too seriously even though he did feel, rightfully so, that as a sportsman he deserved some respect. Wrestlers may stage their fights, but the level of fitness and finesse required is still that of a professional sportsman. Jason was funny and had a low level snark that was cute - but he too was mindful of showing a level of respect by playing the excited fan. Not that he totally fooled Trent. The days activities made for a fun read! I guess my only disappointment was that Trent didn't remember Jason from before. What? I love romance and sweet sappy romantic twists are cute!! But I still loved the story and read it with a big grin on my face, throughout. And I would love to get more of Jason and Trent in a full blown novel!