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Afterimage - Ais, Santino Hassell 5 Stars- KAPOW!

Holy mackerel! Wow!

I thought Evenfall was awesome, but Afterimage is even better. Compelling, disturbing, oft times frightening, it keeps yanking you forward, even when all you’d really like to do is pause to catch your breath. The storytelling is superb. Not a word is wasted and when RL got in the way it about killed me to leave Boyd and Sin and the others even for a few minutes.

I did wonder why there was nothing said in the blurb. Now I know. Here it’s tricky to say a whole lot without giving away any secrets. And I for one don’t want to let on that I know anything; I don’t want The Agency to get the idea I’m on to them. Keep under the radar, maintain a profile so low they don’t even know I exist. Because man, The Agency is one scary far-reaching organization where Geneva Convention rules don’t apply. Just a whiff you know they exist, One. Question. Too. Many, and you’re toast.

Afterimage opens with Annabelle (Anne) Connors visiting her sister Lydia in Willowbrook, a home for the mentally incompetent. Anne might pay the bill to keep Lydia there, but there’s no forgetting that Hsin Liu Vega is the reason Lydia needs round-the-clock care in the first place. As Anne enters the home, she bumps into a man on his way out. He’s wearing a dark hoodie pulled low over his face and Anne doesn’t give him more than a pausing thought. It’s not until she has a run in with the woman in charge that Anne learns the man was visiting Lydia and has been for months. It’s a real kick in the teeth when she learns that the man’s name is ‘Jason Alvarez’….

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