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Thunderballs - Andrea Speed 4 Stars

“Thunderballs”, by Andrea Speed, is a short and endearing tale of lust at first sight having the opportunity to become something more amidst a backdrop of humorous pop culture references. Luke Diaz signs up to try out for a dodgeball team while stoned on herbal supplements. The lovely lovely Shane Kinrade makes him try his hardest to get on the team. Thankfully he is good enough to be one of the Seattle Thunderballs. Unfortunately, Luke can't tell if Shane is flirting or if he is just a really nice guy. Luke doesn't want to seem too forward if Shane is straight. While cleaning up the gym after team practice Shane asks a seemingly casual question that allows them the opportunity to take their newfound relationship out for a test drive over milkshakes.

This story was really sweet without going over the top. It didn't cross the line into cheesy, but there was also something about it just a touch unmemorable. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed it, but I certainly had no trouble moving on to the next thing. For me one of the best parts of the book was the pop cultural references. I feel Andrea Speed excels at appropriately incorporating jokes into the story line without using too many or forcing them into the story as though they are author knowledge instead of character knowledge.