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Embracing Need

Embracing Need - Silvia Violet 4 Stars

Finally! It's Tristan's book! Wes, too, but lets face it, Tristan always steals the show. He's such a fun and flirty character. Up until this book Wes manages to resist Tristan's advances but that's all over now. This cover is just gorgeous and I think the guys on the cover are pretty spot on with my idea of Wes and Tristan.
Tristan's mom calls him home to tell him she has a bad feeling about one of his fellow stallion shifters that hasn't been seen or contacted her brother. The young woman could be off sewing her wild oats but he promises his mom he'll look into it. He knows an investigator he can hire to find her. This gives Tristan the perfect excuse to see Wes again. The man has been consuming his thoughts for weeks.

Wes agrees to take the job, forcing them to spend time together. Wes sees glimpses into the real Tristan. He likes the flirty and fun side of Tristan but he's only interested in a relationship and he doesn't think that Tristan is a one man kind of guy. He's also never been with a man. Tristan wants Wes. Bad. When he realizes it's more than just teasing and a game, he panics. Tristan never expected to find “the one”.

The case is still ongoing and there is no escaping each other. When the men get a lead on where the missing shifter girl is ,they are thrust into danger and forced to face their feelings for each other, but is it too late?

I was quite surprised to find out how much deeper Tristan was than the flirty, slutty, funny guy we're used to. Although I wanted to smack him when he ran, he got himself together. He may not be toughest shifter but he's a good guy and brave in his own way. I love how he annoys Cole! Their scenes together are so fun.

Wes and Tristan make such a great couple. They balance each other. Tristan's silliness with Wes' seriousness. I join in Tristan's frustration when Wes doesn't respond to his flirtatious bating. He's so clever and cute, how can Wes resist? Wes isn't a shifter, but he's protective; Tristan is a shifter but isn't a tough guy - which made for a refreshing spin on the supe/ human relationship. Their sex is hot and fun. I love that Wes was honest about learning by watching porn.

The group of religious fanatics trying to “cure” shifters drew a parallel with “curing” homosexuality making me strongly dislike the baddies. Oh, and they were cruel ,nasty people. I'm very excited to read about the new couple set up in this book. Two pages had me hooked and pouting that I had to wait for their stories. I am not known for my patience. Another entertaining installment in the Wild Farm series. Bring on Will and Ryan!!!

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