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Love's Cabers Tossed

Love's Cabers Tossed - Ari McKay 2.5 Stars

This is a first for me. Here I am sitting down getting ready to write up my review for this short story and I keep thinking, what exactly can I say that hasn't already been said in the blurb? The blurb is so detailed that you actually don't need me to repeat it. Plus, it's better detailed then I would have given you. :)

We have Martin Fletcher, owner of the bakery Flour Power. Who's at the games selling his delicious treats in hopes of bringing in some new business. Then we have Lyall MacLannan with his dog Fergus who enjoys putting on shows as Lyall the Piper and Fergus the Fearless. The highland games gives Lyall a chance to hide away his everyday life as a lawyer.

I personally didn't get into it. That doesn't mean someone else won't like it. I just had a hard time connecting with the characters and the dialogue was just a bit to cheesy for me. I did however love Fergus the Fearless. I seriously want a dog just like him. He rocked! I also liked the small glimpse we got of Lyall participating in the Caber Toss. I mean Martin did say it best when he said "Who can resist the lure of men in kilts throwing heavy objects,right?" ;)

For me this was an ok read. I didn't hate it and it wouldn't stop me from reading other books by this author, but It just wasn't for me.