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The Magic Broom

The Magic Broom - Teegan Loy 4 Stars

I admit to knowing nothing about curling before or after reading this story. Sounds complicated. It covers quite a few winter sports briefly and without weighing you down with details. I did however enjoy this story. It was quite funny with enjoyable characters. I enjoyed the anticipation of the guys getting together.

Cody's boss thinks it will be a great story If he participates in some of the local sports practicing locally for the Olympics. Seems Cody gets the job because he has no clue what he's doing and that gives it a funnier edge at the expense of Cody. His best friend is conveniently off work for a few weeks, and joins him for support. She's there the very first night he meets his new neighbor Shane. Cody notices how attractive Shane is right away but his gaydar is nonexistent. Leaving him wondering if there's a chance at romance with his new hunky neighbor. He's too busy to worry about it but lucky for him Shane keeps running into him.

This was a sweet and fun story. Poor Cody wearing all those tight and tiny outfits in the cold, looking like a fool while his paper's photographer caught it all on film. I enjoyed reading about him going through it all. That doesn't make me evil! It was done with plenty of humor and flirty moments with Shane mixed in. I thought the build to them getting together was good. A little bit of smexy here and there. I was pleasantly surprised at how easily they decided there was something special going on between them. I usually like a little conflict in my romance but the author made me believe. Cody's “torture sessions” as he'd call them, covered many winter sports but only briefly. We were never bogged down with details. This is a great little read if you like sweet and fun with a good dose of humor.