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Contact Sport

Contact Sport - Anna Butler 2.5 Stars

Jamie is in love with himself. Seriously. He thinks he is the best thing going. He's even cockier than I like and I like cocky. ;) He's also caught up in a lot of geek stereo types. Jamie and his friend Ned are forced to play a hockey exhibition game by his Dean. He suppose to play a team the geeky kids through together. He's so sure it's going to be a blow out but if that's what he has to do, he will. His first glimpse at the social outcasts has him pleasantly surprised. He's instantly smitten for one of the players. Just to add the gorgeous package Matt is apparently brilliant and an amazing hockey player the college has somehow kept secret. Jamie's awesomeness is dampened when he can't get past his own lust for Matt on the ice that the game is way too close for his comfort.

In case you couldn't tell I didn't really ever warm to Jamie. Matt I liked after one page. I think if half the book wouldn't have been Jamie telling us how great he is and how deep his disgust for nerds was, it may have been better. Maybe if the book was longer Jamie could have been redeemed in my eyes but not in this book. I didn't entirely understand the point of the exhibition game beyond bragging rights. There was something of one of the smart kids possibly joining the hockey team but that was never revisited. Maybe there is a sequel in the midst but if I'm judging this by itself it wasn't great. I like the possibility of the guys exploring a relationship. If there is I'll read it and maybe change my opinion on this one.