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Mulligan - Nora Roth 4 Stars

I loved this! I laughed. I cried. I swooned. It was very sexy. So much packed into a short story. This one didn't feel short but I would certainly have liked more. Please let their story continue!! Please?

Jesse Yates is an months away from graduating high school. He hangs out at the local arcade and masters all the games. He enters an air hockey tournament that he's sure to win because nobody in town can beat him. When loses he realizes the ex champ, Cam, has returned to town from college for some reason just in time to beat him. The two meet again the next day and they everything they do is a competition. Cam says a few things that make Jesse wonder if he's coming onto him. He's interested but he isn't making a move without being sure. When Cam drags him to the bathroom at the arcade for a little relief his questions are answered. Yeah there is lust but as the days go on Jesse realizes he's counting down the minutes until he gets to see Cam again.

This was such a good little story. I loved the characters. They were playful and hot. So sweet while giving each other shit the entire time. I warmed to them quickly and when the story took a sad turn I was fully invested. I wanted these two to find their way together so badly but Jesse had just graduated and Cam was a mess. The ending was wonderful. I wouldn't even call it and ending because it felt more like the next chapter for these two and hopefully Ms. North will write it for us. I highly recommend this one! My favorite of the Daily Dose shorts so far.