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Black Cat Ink

Black Cat Ink - Nicole Kimberling

5 Stars

Love. This. Series. ♥♥
This is probably my favourite of the series so far because we learn more about Nick and we get to see the relationship between Nick and Peter getting even deeper and stronger.

Peter continues to crack me up with his inner "typing" of everything and that point where he realised that if he went into the house, Nick would follow and he honestly didn't want to risk Nick getting hurt. That was huge, for me.

As for the kitten.... well last book had Peter and Nick shaving - one of my fave things! Now this time round we have a cute little furball. The writing skills of Nicole Kimberling are superlative - she has this easy, wonderful and hilarious wit that is never forced; the mysteries are what they should be - mysterious :-) BUT she has this added element of ticking all my tick boxes. And cuteness is something I love. Gigi and the kitten toys that mysteriously kept on appearing had me just melting. She has created, in Nick, one of my favourite characters. Loyal, strong, loving and sweet. Plus an artist. Seriously if you've not read this series. Go. Buy the Book!