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Safeword - A.J.  Rose 4.5 Stars

Safeword takes us back to the lives of Gavin DiGrassi and Ben Haverson. It’s been a bit over a year since their vicious assault at the hands of the Breath Play Killer. They are doing better in the aftermath but still have a lot of work to do. Gavin has gone back to work after a year of leave but has been completely unable to submit to Ben after a disastrous attempt at a scene. Gavin and his partner, Myah, get a new homicide case. A cop. He was bound, raped, beaten, and stabbed to death. Gavin has some difficulties with the case but handles them. A second cop is murdered in the same fashion. Gavin and Myah are given that case as well but have to share it with Gavin’s ex-partner, Trent. Yeah, the same Trent who was sleeping with Gavin’s wife during his marriage. Because Trent isn’t sleazy enough Myah tells Gavin of a story she uncovered about Trent. Apparently he got a teen girl pregnant. He’s quite a creep. Despite being able to handle the situation at work Gavin and Ben are beginning to have some serious relationship problems that couples therapy just can’t clear up. Gavin is desperate to submit to Ben who won’t accept it. Gavin repeatedly accuses Ben of not wanting his submission. Things come to a head when Gavin and Ben go to Collared. Gavin sees Ben watching a handcuffed sub dancing and notices the look in his eyes. He runs out and safewords on their relationship. Ben has to do a lot of explaining, but they are able to move past the majority of their problems....

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