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Tuck & Cover

Tuck & Cover - S.J.D. Peterson 4 Stars

The 2nd Edition Tuck & Cover is a combining of the previously separately released short novella and longer novella Battle Buddy and Tuck & Cover respectively. During Part One, Battle Buddy, of the new edition we follow Tucker and Owen’s story from the POV of Tucker. At nineteen, Shane Tucker joins the army as a great alternative to mucking cow shit and mending fences. The Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy at the time was also a convenient justification not to come out to his family and friends in his small Texan town.

During the final week of Phase I of bootcamp, Owen Bradford gets assigned as Tucker’s Battle Buddy. Tall (6’4″), brown-haired, golden-eyed, dimple-cheeked, strong jawed, ripped and sexy Owen Bradford. He’s also the cockiest bastard Tucker had ever met. It was lust at first sight, so naturally Tucker found him all kinds of annoying! During Phase III, Tucker finds himself in a trench with his Battle Buddy. There he was, nineteen and a horny as hell virgin, up close and personal with his walking wet dream and, just to top it off, apparently his straight pain-in-the-arse Buddy had no concept of space; and he liked to snuggle. Shortly after that night, Tucker and Owen go their separate ways with Tucker moving onto his Military Occupational Specialty in Washington DC. But the images of Owen’s hard body and his lopsided, dimpled grin follow him, haunting all his dreams and his fantasies....

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