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Threshold - Jordan L. Hawk 5 Stars - KAPOW!

This is the sequel to the wonderfully captivating Widdershins, which if you have not read yet, what in the world are you waiting for?!

Jordan L. Hawk has delivered another gem. I adored this book and characters enormously. Every element of this story pushes my “yes!” buttons. Threshold contains compelling, intelligent – yet conflicted – protags, heart wrenching surprises, a vivid atmosphere, wicked awesome “what the hell?” creatures, and jaw dropping action. Combine all that with excellent character growth, perfectly delivered humor (I lost count of my laugh out loud moments), interesting social commentary, a disconcerted hero, a passionate love affair, and it adds up to: I’m freaking in love with Whyborne & Griffin and their adventurous tale. ♥ ...

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