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Dracones - S.L. Armstrong, Avery Vanderlyle, D.K. Jernigan, E.R. Karr, E.E. Ottoman, Lor Rose, Megan Derr, Tam Ames 4 Stars

Finding the Rain by Tam Ames
This is a jewel of a story. Buwei is a poor farmer living with his mother and grandmother in a small village. The village has been under a drought for three years and the people are starving. He is summoned one night by the governor to bring an offering to the Dragon Lord Shenlong, that he may bless the village and bring the rains. Before leaving, Buwei ensures a promise from the governor that he will take care of Buwei’s family as his own until Buwei returns. From this point we journey with Buwei in his quest to the palace of The Dragon Lord. The beautiful descriptions of the journey, his arrival at the temple and the events that follow are vivid and lyrical. This has the feel of a classic fable. I look forward to reading more from this author. ~ rated 5 stars.

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