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Tyrian's Mist

Tyrian's Mist - V.L. Moon, Venus Moon 4 Stars

This book basically forces you into it from the first few pages. You need to know why this baby was left and why he’s so important. These answers are slowly revealed throughout the book which makes for a compulsive read. The world building was vivid and unique.

Tyrian was rescued at death’s door by the last of a long line of women meant to help beings like Tyrian in their time of need. After a long hard journey she stumbles into her destination the Valley of the Mist. It’s a safe haven for all supernatural creatures hidden from the outside world and protected by the Guardians. Tyrian is given his own personal Guardian, Jaral. Jaral is the largest and to Tyrian most beautiful of the Guardians. Tyrian doesn’t fully understand or admit his true desire for Jaral. He keeps it hidden. His best friend leaves him when her people show up and he becomes morose. He goes off by himself and of course that’s when his transformation occurs. When he awakens his physical form no longer resembles who he once was. He’s now half vampire and half angel.

Jaral battles his love for his charge and his duty. Once the transformation occurs it’s so much harder to resist Tyrian. Just when they about give into the temptation, a storm brings in the vampires and it appears their target is Tyrian.

Both men struggle with what they want and what they think is right. Although I understood why they both felt the need to keep quiet about the way they felt, I was frustrated with how man times in a book of this length Tyrian and Jaral avoided admitting they were in love. I didn’t understand why the vampires were given an okay to stay other than to give Tyrian a chance to resist them but he paid a pretty harsh price. The ending was wonderful. I liked how all the pieces clicked and we got our HEA. Fantasy readers will enjoy this. I’d like to read about some of the other supes or characters t fourther explore the world created in Tyrian’s Moon. I’ll be keeping my eye out for more from this author.

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