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Bane of Boston

Bane of Boston - J.P. Barnaby 4 Stars

This was a wonderful little read! I love sports stories - even about sports I don't fully understand. Like Baseball. I had to phone a friend regarding the "foul catch rule" and I still think it is bizarre. Simply not cricket, what?

The story is about Jack Young who did know Baseball through and through and yet he still instinctively caught that damn ball and his life was changed forever. His 5 year relationship went down the pan, reporters pestered him, regular punters hounded him - even his own brother virtually disowned him. So he moves to Chicago, changes his name and starts afresh. Of course Baseball will always be in his blood , and watching a match down the pub one night he meets Ryan. Lust at first sight!!

There is a big reveal that really had me *gasp!* and dammit there is not a lot more I can say without spoiling stuff. I liked the fact that both protags felt the need to be honest, pretty much from the get go... Well ok... They got going first, if you know what I mean. But they talked when they ate, straight after.

I liked it a lot, a perfectly paced little read, with the right amount of drama+angst=HEA. Go. Buy the Book.