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The Thirteenth Shard

The Thirteenth Shard - J.L. O'Faolain 4 Stars

This review will contain spoilers. As the book is part of an ongoing series, the spoilers will affect previous books.

Cole takes Joss to a fey bar on a date. The tone of the evening, and a good portion of the book, is set when Joss is easily able to pass through the wards of the bar. He’s also easily able to feel them. Clearly, a sit down needs to happen between the two of them to discuss the physical changes that have taken place within Joss and his apparent loss of mortality. A bar where the patrons are of an entirely different culture isn’t really the place to do it. It doesn’t help their date night gets disrupted with the murder of one of Rainette’s coven mates. Lo and behold the cops are already at the crime scene investigating what was recently a developing situation. Despite Cole and Joss being in Chinatown at the time of the murder, that the homicide detective beat them there just seems a touch hinky. She had a tip from the feds about serial killers that target witches. Great! Because the crime is tied to the occult, Section 13 officers get assigned to it. Cole and Corhagen get assigned. You know all that sexual tension between the two of them? It’s still there, but now James’ wife kicked him out. Yeah, it’s a recipe for a love triangle....

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