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Evenfall - Ais, Santino Hassell 5 Stars - KAPOW!

I've had this freebie - available at Goodreads - on my Kindle for ages. Even for a devourer of books, the page count seemed a bit daunting. I kept putting it off, thinking of the time I’d have to invest and the backlog of other books I wanted to read. Yet, I was getting tired of the short stories and fluffy HEA’s I've been reading lately. I wanted something with guts and the blurb sure had me going. Then it hit me... Evenfall: In The Company of Shadows wasn’t any longer than reading three Black Dagger Brotherhood books back-to-back and I read the first ten BDB’s in a month. So I queued it up, started reading and for the next four days lost myself in the post WWIII dystopian world Ais and Santino (Sonny) Hassel have so brilliantly created.
Right from the beginning I was hooked: The Fourth Floor Detainment Centre would look innocuous enough to an outsider, were any ever allowed inside.

Johnson Pharmaceuticals, a sprawling complex of buildings, laboratories and high-rise residences is the cover for a shadowy organization known only as The Agency. The Agency is so covert not even the CIA knows of its existence. Hsin Liu Vega (Sin) is the Agency’s top operative, a psychopathic monster who years ago went on a murderous rampage, killing a host of civilians and cops for no apparent reason. Sin’s last four partners have died, mostly because he decided they were too stupid to live. All four were using him to advance their own careers, treating him as either their pet or as something sub-human and rather than help them when they got into trouble, he just let them die.
Hsin was trained to be nothing more than a killer. At eight, his father began teaching him. “I’m not supposed to make myself vulnerable to others—to care for others. Eventually my weakness will be used against me and I will regret ever trying to be like other people.”

The Agency knows that Sin has one exploitable weakness though; he’s severely claustrophobic. To keep him from killing indiscriminately again and to punish him, the head of the Agency Marshal Connor has Sin sedated and held in a 4x6 box in a secure cell under round-the-clock surveillance on the much feared ‘fourth’. Months pass. When his services are again needed, Sin is released from the box. But before he comes out of the drugs, General Carhart, the team leader orders a GPS shock collar, designed to render Sin unconscious should he try and attack allies and superiors as he’s done in the past, be surgically attached round his neck. The remote will be given to whoever is partnered with The Monster in order to control it. Him.
Holy geez, this was only the first half of the prologue. Already I was horrified, captivated and aching for Sin. Already I could see that Connor, Carhart, and the guards that abused and torment Sin when he was drugged were the real monsters....

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