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Raining Men

Raining Men - Rick R. Reed 4.5 Stars

Bobby Nelson is that character you love to hate. And, trust me, anyone who has read “Chaser” knows what I’m talking about.

I wanted to read the sequel because I could not image how this dastardly character could be redeemed. Look, he had no redeeming characteristics — not one. And, after what he pulled in “Chaser,” I wasn’t sure I wished him to get a second chance. Well, Rick R. Reed convinced me that Bobby is not only redeemable, but deserves a second chance. Go figure because I honestly didn’t believe it was possible.

When “Raining Men” begins we find still self-involved Bobby missing his friend, Caden DeSarro. Once the two men were inseparable and Caden stood by Bobby in his worst moments, his most sordid moments. Of course that was before Bobby betrayed Caden who no longer allows Bobby in his life. Period. (Understandable, but you should read “Chaser” to get that story.)

Pretty much friendless and miserable, Bobby spends time cruising Internet pickup sites and fielding any signal thrown his way by any man wanting to hook up. This connection frenzy and the fact that he has no standards about sex with strangers leaves Bobby wondering why he gives his body to any man — good, bad and ugly — who asks with no concern for his own personal safety.

Bobby begins to see a therapist who challenges him to step back, look at his actions and to evaluate his behavior. As is often the case in life, things become complicated....

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