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Jasper and the Dead

Jasper and the Dead - R.J. Astruc 4 Stars

Immediately upon completion of Jasper and the Dead, by RJ Astruc, my first thought was, “I don’t know what I just read, but I know I liked it.” To put this in some kind of perspective, my message to both Barb and Whit when I started the story was, “F*cking hell this book is present tense. Authors need to stop that.” So, despite a less than auspicious introduction, it’s safe to say I loved this story. It’s about Jasper Blue and Pape Sassoon. Jasper is a local zombie hunter, Pape is Jasper’s father’s secretary. Jasper’s father, the Commodore, is an emancipated convict and has made himself a model of citizenry in Sydney despite the quarantine to keep the zombies at bay. Jasper and Pape meet after an emissary from England has arrived in Sydney. Inexplicably, the Commodore feels these two disparate men should work together along with other “bodyguards” of Jasper’s choosing to escort Governor Macquarie to the emissary ship. It’s likely the Commodore had other motives when choosing Pape and Jasper to work with each other. He’s been playing matchmaker to his son for some time. It appears he’s finally gotten the gender right. Too bad Jasper and Pape don’t exactly hit it off right away. They kind of hit each other instead....

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