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Chase the Storm

Chase the Storm - V.M. Waitt 5 Stars - KAPOW!

“For the first time in my life, my day wasn’t planned, ruled by a schedule of classes,
appointments, or expectations.”

Nineteen year old Elijah Morgan was born into wealth. The best schools, designer clothes, jet setting holidays, the nicest cars. With his father being the vice-president of a Fortune 500 company, Elijah could have all that at his feet. But that’s not what has any meaning to him and he doesn’t feel like he belongs in that world. His parents emotional distance and the pressure to follow their path for his life – a Harvard Business Degree, a wife and to follow in his father into the business world – are making Elijah feel like his whole life is a lie. All he wants is to study music, classic not pop, and the freedom to follow his own path. Which, being gay, do not include girls! “Tears I hadn’t realized I was holding in began to fall, and before I new it, I was sobbing, grieving for a life I would never have but had always wanted. Every day I lived a lie more suffocating than the day before. I was lying to my family, myself, the world. Harvard wasn’t me, the money wasn’t me, studying business wasn’t me, girls weren’t for me.” On the last day of finals before heading back to NYC for an unwanted summer internship working for his father, Elijah spies an old Ford pickup truck for sale and on impulse he decides to make a grab for freedom and spend the summer exploring parts unknown instead.

I loved the opening paragraphs. They painted a wonderful picture of freedom and Elijah’s fondness for the beauty of the Nebraskan landscape. It was just the perfect set-up for the story ahead....

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