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The Boy Who Came In From the Cold

The Boy Who Came In From the Cold - B.G. Thomas 3 Stars

I generally like a Cinderella type story and this was that. Very sweet and insta love story about a boy who doesn’t realize he’s gay until his life is turned upside down.

Todd is literally out in the worst snow storm of the year. Newly kicked out of his home with nothing but what he has on him. He takes refuge from the cold in the doorway of an apartment building. He’s trying to decide what the hell he’s going to do when a kind stranger,Gabe, offers him something to eat and drink. He also propositions him like he’s a prostitute for a roof over his head. Todd is offended and shocked . He’s not a hustler and he’s not gay! He gets offensive and slings the “F” word, at Gabe. Gabe retreats to his apartment. When he’s gone, Todd starts to wonder if he shouldn’t have taken him up on his offer. He doesn’t have long to decide when the apartment manager tries to kick him out into the cold.

Gabe can’t believe he propositioned that kid.....

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