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Bound By Guilt

Bound By Guilt - Sandra Bard 3.5 Stars

Bound by Guilt is a contemporary m/m romance. The setting is vague but has the feel of a part of town that is industrialized with shops and businesses but also not well kept. The place where Kit lives and works feels bleak which lends itself to explaining why he does some of the things he does.

Kit Mason works in a clothing boutique. It is a small shop and his pay is minimal. Kit supplements his income by seducing older men. It does not matter if they are single, married or in a committed relationship. He doesn’t want long term. He meets Dr. Corey St James in the boutique, where Dr. St. James is shopping for a friend. Dr. St James is middle aged and successful, just the type of man Kit is looking for. It doesn’t matter that he tells Kit he is in a relationship with someone. Kit is determined to get what he wants. Dr. St James does indulge in dinners and conversation with Kit. Kit actually starts thinking of him as a friend but is not content to have it remain that way. When Corey describes Sasha, Kit envisions Sasha as a privileged, spoiled, kept young man. When Kit pushes Corey to the point he stops resisting Kits advances, they are caught in the act by Sasha....

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